11th January 2013By Deborah SadlerChoices, Solutions, Therapy

The main reason, ultimately, for engaging in counselling is to make changes, either to your perspective or changes in patterns of behaviour and interactions with others.  Insight into why you are having difficulties and the opportunity to talk things through can be a useful part of the process and can lead to ideas about what … Read More

Couple Counselling

31st October 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices, Therapy

It takes courage for couples to come to counselling. Courage because this is often unchartered territory for many and they’re not certain what they’re letting themselves in for.  For some the idea of discussing their private life with a stranger engenders feelings of vulnerability and embarrassment.  Others however are so damn angry and desperate that … Read More


2nd October 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices, Solutions, Therapy

Have you got a clear view of what the ideal outcome would be to your problem?  If you’re having problems in your relationship, how would you envisage your ideal relationship; how would you like your interaction with your child/parent to be; what will life look like if you are no longer depressed, anxious or addicted; … Read More


7th September 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices

One of the strengths of solution-focused therapy is the focus on choice.  Clients consider what choices are open to them as they work on solving their problem.  The choices and options discussed in therapy will only work if they are discovered by you; they will then be easier to live with and the steps you … Read More

Exceptions and Instances: Holidays

2nd August 2012By Deborah SadlerTherapy

It’s the holidays – well the sun’s been out so it must be! My July post on instances and exceptions discussed trying to identify the times when your problems are not so evident or influential.  Frequently clients tell me that this happens for them during holiday times.  This is worth a further thought or two: … Read More

Instances and Exceptions: the times when problems are not so influential

2nd July 2012By Deborah SadlerIssues, Relationships, Solutions, Therapy

We argue all the time.  I’m constantly angry.  He never talks.  She always criticises.  I’m always depressed/anxious/stressed.  She/he never contributes.  Our lives are always chaotic.  We have never been happy and contented.  I can’t ever trust him/her again. These are problem statements which come up regularly in therapy.  They are statements which many of us use … Read More

About Depression

8th May 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices, Issues, Therapy

Signs and Symptoms There is no question that depression is extremely debilitating and has many symptoms : fatigue, lack of motivation, a deep despair, lack of confidence and self-esteem,  anger, inability to sleep, suicidal thoughts (or attempts), forgetfulness, overwork and hyper-activity  – the list is endless.  Depression can strike at any time in our lives … Read More