COUNSELLING-FOR-MEN_trSFBT Counselling for Men

Solution-Focused Therapy is often a preferred (and successful) form of counselling for men.  Very often men are looking primarily to resolve the difficulties they are wrestling with and move on, which is why talking therapies and traditional counselling for men can often be off-putting.

Rather than becoming bogged down in emotional discussions and digging up the past, men usually want to solve a problem quickly, simply by doing something about it, by setting positive goals they can work towards and by taking a stepped approach to doing so. Solution Focused therapy focuses on finding solutions rather than lengthily exploring problems, and men appreciate this form of counselling.  It gives them the space to discuss their particular steps towards change in a logical and rational way, while at the same time gaining useful insights along their chosen route.  Sustaining and building on these changes becomes easier once the initial therapy is seen as successful and the tools gained can be used in any future problems which may arise – as they do in normal life.