Pre-Commitment Counselling Service

How often have you wished you  had access to someone outside your circle of family and friends with whom you can discuss a possible life-changing decision?  Someone who is neutral, objective and non-judgmental, who will help you reach a decision which is unique to your circumstances.  For example, it is often useful, in a therapeutic setting, to discuss certain aspects of a future relationship in preparation for a long-term commitment.

The pre-commitment counselling service is a single, 90 minute session, and can either be an individual or couple session.  PRE-COMMITMENT_crIn examining your particular concerns, the session is aided by a helpful and thought-provoking structure. Its purpose is not to find or create problems, but rather to discuss aspects of a long-term commitment which may be helpful in providing considerations before you take the plunge.

Of course questions of commitment may not necessarily apply to a relationship – I have had discussions about other life changing decisions with clients who only wish for a single session in which to discuss specific topics; these have included career change, getting married, starting a family, relocation, returning to work, IVF, fostering, care choices regarding ageing parents, and gap year versus university  – to name just a few.

The object of these single sessions is to afford clients an opportunity to discuss ideas and consider other perspectives which may help them in their decision making.