Once you’ve decided to try solution-focused counselling, this is how it works:FOR-WHATEVER_tr3

Initial Enquiries 

A ‘phone call is usually the best way to make contact initially.   This will give us the opportunity to discuss briefly the area/s in which you feel you need help. If you wish, you may email me with your enquiry, including your telephone number, if you would like me to call you.  My contact details can be found under the Contact menu.


From an agreed time, appointments last for 50 -60 minutes. The initial appointment will give you the opportunity to assess if you’re comfortable working with me and for me to assess how best to help you.  However, from the first appointment we will look at the issues and start exploring ways in which you can move forward.   We regularly review so you are able to assess your progress.  You always have the option to terminate the therapy at any point without obligation, although I will need to have notice of this.

The number of sessions you attend depends on the issues under discussion, on how much you are prepared to work at things and on the progress you are making.  You may only need a couple of sessions, or intermittent sessions.  On average I find the number of sessions varies from about 6 to 8.  However, this period can be extended should you require further counselling.  Some clients find it beneficial to do a few sessions and then suspend counselling for an agreed time so that they can work on their issues and goals; they then return later for further sessions should they need to, or for a quick catch-up and review.  We do what best suits your situation.  This way you are not locked into years of therapy.

Appointment times are flexible: I offer day, evening and Saturday morning sessions, over 3 locations in  East London and the city (near Liverpool Street station).  If you have a busy schedule you may prefer skype/zoom video or call as an easier option for scheduling an appointment; it’s an excellent alternative to face-to-face counselling.


Payment is made by cash at each session or by online mobile banking if you have this facility.  For come locations a deposit of £35  is made before the first appointment and then refunded at the final appointment, unless there have been missed sessions or last-minute cancellations.

See the section on Fees for my scale of fees.


Should you need to cancel a session for any reason, I will need at least 48 hours’ notice if you’re not to be charged for the session. We can try to reschedule for that week or for the following week if no other slots are available . I can be contacted by telephone, email or text.  If I am in a session, or you contact me out of hours in the evening, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.


Should you arrive late for your session, it will still end at the time originally agreed upon.


All sessions are confidential.  Confidentiality is only broken if I believe that you, or someone else, is at serious risk of harm.  Should this be the case I would endeavour to discuss this with you beforehand. The only other instance when confidentiality is broken is if I’m required to give evidence in a court of law – during criminal proceedings, for example.   All counsellors and psychotherapists, no matter what their experience, are required to attend supervision.  In such instances, I discuss my work with a clinical supervisor at regular intervals.  Clinical supervisors are bound by the same code of ethics, and all names and identifying details are omitted during these discussions.