12th April 2012By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy, Work

When asked what they are seeking from their therapy clients often say that what they want is another perspective on their problems, that they are looking for tools to help them.  Describing their goal in this way makes perfect sense.  This clearly stated aim shows a determination to solve the problem.  In solution-focused therapy clients … Read More

Work: Who Needs It?

1st February 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices, Relationships, Solutions, Work

Try to define what work really means to you: a greedy mistress,  a familiar ritual, a compelling game, a voracious furnace, a stimulating journey, a necessary evil? Because it can mean any of these things, and contradictory combinations of them, it is no wonder clients often find work a difficult issue to examine in therapy, … Read More

Lists and Records

1st January 2012By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy, Work

It’s January again (in case you haven’t noticed) and many of us are scrambling for pen and paper/mouse/ipad/computer/mobile phone/postit note, intent on recording our new year resolutions and by so doing, set some goals to achieve for the year. This list (or record) is a manifestation of our sincere hope to improve our future in … Read More