It’s the holidays – well the sun’s been out so it must be!

My July post on instances and exceptions discussed trying to identify the times when your problems are not so evident or influential.  Frequently clients tell me that this happens for them during holiday times.  This is worth a further thought or two: have you ever asked yourself what exactly is happening at these times when your problem temporarily disappears or becomes more manageable?  Is it because you are being more amenable towards each other, more relaxed so able to be more attentive, happier to let some things go without remark or criticism?  While on holiday are you more content within yourself, less depressed and overwhelmed by life, doing the things you enjoy doing, spending more time together?

In your search for solutions it might be worth really examining these times, to find out if you could repeat some of these rewarding ways of being and behaving when you’re not on holiday.  The results could be encouraging and could mark the start of sorting things out.  See what happens – after all what have you got to lose?


In the meantime I wish you a happy and fulfilling summer holiday.