Signs and Symptoms

There is no question that depression is extremely debilitating and has many symptoms : fatigue, lack of motivation, a deep despair, lack of confidence and self-esteem,  anger, inability to sleep, suicidal thoughts (or attempts), forgetfulness, overwork and hyper-activity  – the list is endless.  Depression can strike at any time in our lives and for a number of reasons; it can be triggered by a particular event, or be a condition you have lived with for many years.

Sometimes those living with depression can be good at hiding it and often feel guilty that they are depressed, particularly when all factors in their lives appear to indicate that they have nothing to be depressed about – as described by Stephen Fry in an article in the Telegraph.   For those whose depression isn’t hidden, not only they but also their loved ones are often at their wits end, believing that nothing they do will ever help.  Guilt abounds all round and vicious patterns and cycles are repeated endlessly.

Is There a Cure?

Most clients who see me for depression have said that seeking help for depression was a vital step in the right direction.  Although self-help books and many of the talking therapies available can give you an insight into your condition, this is not enough.  Some of my clients have found also that just taking medication is not enough and they have needed good, professional help to find a workable solution that can be maintained and built upon – these last two factors being of prime importance to those with depression.

As a solution-focused therapist I believe the details of your depression are unique to you and need to be resolved as they relate particularly to you.  A solution  can be found if you are willing to do the work involved in finding out what solution will suit you. My experience of  working with depression  is that it is possible to beat both mild and severe depression, or at the very least find effective ways of coping with it.  Once you find the best solution for you, you will be able to use that tool whenever it’s required, so that you can experience a more fulfilled and successful life.  I won’t pretend it’s easy, but there is no doubt that you don’t have to be the victim of your depression. Sometimes just knowing that you are working on the problem, brings relief.  I would be happy to help you find and maintain a workable solution.