Solution-focused counselling helps individuals to find their own unique solutions to their problems. It also enables people to make changes in manageable steps.  It is enriching to discover that not only do seemingly entrenched problems have solutions, but also that the choices you identify as available to you to solve your problems, are uniquely yours.CLIENT REFERRALS_cr

There is a freedom and empowerment to be had in making decisions which are your own, rather than having them foisted on you in the form of advice or received wisdom from someone else – friends may do this, but therapists shouldn’t!

With the solution-focused approach I will encourage and help you:

  • to work at your own pace,
  • to use the strengths you already possess to make manageable changes,
  • to examine current problems and past issues which are still affecting you, in the light of what can be done to get rid of them or at least to weaken their influence on you.

Later you can apply the knowledge and tools gained to any difficulties you may experience in the future.