3rd September 2014By Deborah Sadlerpersonality, Solutions

Introverts/Extroverts, which one are you? Have you always been made to feel that being an introvert is not desirable in the workplace? For all those introverts here is a thought provoking talk by Susan Cain on the power of introverts.  She is insightful on the differences between introvert and extrovert creativity, productivity and contribution.  Also some fun suggestions, for all, on … Read More

Work-Life Balance

4th August 2014By Deborah SadlerChoices, Solutions, Therapy, Work

Work-life balance is a frequent topic of concern raised by clients in therapy sessions.  This is an excellent article which asks if the work-life balance is a myth.  It puts forward a different way of considering the subject.    

Debunking 20 common misconceptions about sex

19th July 2014By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy

I have the happy task of sending on this link debunking 20 common misconceptions about sex.  Debunking is often a part of conversations in therapy, since much of therapy is about questioning accepted ‘wisdom’, myths, stereotypes, labels and assumptions.  In daily life they often lead to misunderstanding and make communication between people difficult and stressful. This … Read More

How the brain responds to pain

7th July 2014By Deborah SadlerChoices, Solutions

This clear and simple video clip on how the brain responds to pain is for those clients who cope with chronic pain on a daily basis. My posting on this subject is prompted by one of my clients who set out to discover as much as he could about managing chronic pain.  After feeling largely frustrated … Read More

What makes relationships work?

16th June 2014By Deborah SadlerRelationships

What makes relationships work – happily there is not a one-size-fits-all answer.  But there are characterstics common to all. This article describes the essential ingredients which make for contented and long lasting relationships.  Committed, lifelong relationships are underpinned by kindness and generosity.  Read how this works.      

Techniques for Learning

27th May 2014By Deborah SadlerChoices, Student Counselling, Work

It’s exam time again for many of my clients – students both young and old are applying techniques for learning.  They may find this additional information on how to learn, useful. Good luck with exams and happy summer holidays to follow.

Can Therapy Be Destructive?

7th May 2014By Deborah SadlerChange, Choices, Therapy

Can therapy be destructive?  The short answer to this question is that, under certain circumstances, yes it can . It’s worth bearing the following in mind if you don’t want to come out of therapy with more problems than you had at the start: Any interpretations, analyses and opinions are, ultimately, simply the view of … Read More

The Question Why

31st January 2014By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy

When enquiring about solution-focused therapy some prospective clients worry that this approach will exclude them from understanding why their problems have arisen. Answers to the question why are better left to emerge indirectly, during the quest for solutions, as they then feel less overwhelming and uncontrollable. During solution focused counselling, a skilled SFBT practitioner will ask … Read More

Your Plan – Reality

6th January 2014By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy, Work

  I’m sure many will identify with this cartoon ‘Your plan – Reality’ This may help (I find it indispensible) and is in keeping with a solution-focused philosophy.!rCHMQ Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling new year.      

Slacking online can be productive

6th December 2013By Deborah SadlerChoices, Therapy, Work

Did you know that slacking online can be productive? How great is that? Productivity, slacking, leisure and work are subjects which frequently crop up in therapy in a number of contexts.  They are often accompanied by large dollops of guilt and cries of too much?  too little? obsessive? not enough? To the variously afflicted – … Read More