Links and Other Resources

Useful Resources

There are many sites on the internet which may be helpful to you.  These are just some of them.

Abuse and domestic violence

 National Association for People Abused in Childhood

Survivors UK   (This site has a nationwide helpline.  Survivors UK provide information, help and support to men who have been raped or sexually abused).  (help for abused and battered women, including shelters, and guidance to resources for battered men)  (Particularly for Asian women, this site provides counselling and information on domestic violence and immigration issues)  (Sexual violence Legal Advice Line)  (This site is aimed particularly at men who are experiencing domestic abuse).  


For young people   –   ChildLine

Young People and Parents   (For parents and carers this site provides information, practical help and advice to help understanding of what your child is doing online.  It provides useful internet safety tips on such topics as gaming, social networking, pod casts, P2P TV, chatting)  (For parents concerned about children’s mental health)  (Services for parents of disabled children)w