Three Good Things

9th November 2015By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Work

This article explains how focussing on Three Good Things – that is, 3 positive things that happened at work – that day, can be helpful and therapeutic.  It doesn’t advocate relentless cheerfulness or positivity -acknowledging that negative things also happen at work each day – but suggests that always focussing on the negative need not be our first response. Focussing … Read More

Give Your Brain a Workout

2nd February 2015By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Work

Give your brain a workout by learning to play an instrument. According to the linked article learning to play an instrument improves attention to detail, enables better memory, and aids the building of strategic skills, amongst other benefits. Many of my clients (both young and old) wish to expand their lives and find ways of meeting other people, … Read More

Work-Life Balance

4th August 2014By Deborah SadlerChoices, Solutions, Therapy, Work

Work-life balance is a frequent topic of concern raised by clients in therapy sessions.  This is an excellent article which asks if the work-life balance is a myth.  It puts forward a different way of considering the subject.    

Techniques for Learning

27th May 2014By Deborah SadlerChoices, Student Counselling, Work

It’s exam time again for many of my clients – students both young and old are applying techniques for learning.  They may find this additional information on how to learn, useful. Good luck with exams and happy summer holidays to follow.

Your Plan – Reality

6th January 2014By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy, Work

  I’m sure many will identify with this cartoon ‘Your plan – Reality’ This may help (I find it indispensible) and is in keeping with a solution-focused philosophy.!rCHMQ Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling new year.      

Slacking online can be productive

6th December 2013By Deborah SadlerChoices, Therapy, Work

Did you know that slacking online can be productive? How great is that? Productivity, slacking, leisure and work are subjects which frequently crop up in therapy in a number of contexts.  They are often accompanied by large dollops of guilt and cries of too much?  too little? obsessive? not enough? To the variously afflicted – … Read More

Time Organisation for Stress-free Productivity

2nd October 2013By Deborah SadlerWork

Many of my clients are struggling to fit in all their commitments and still find time to enjoy partners, family, friends and leisure pursuits.  Since I’ve found it helpful myself I can highly recommend this book, which comes in paperback and kindle format.   It’s easy to adapt the central ideas to your particular situation: … Read More


6th September 2013By Deborah SadlerChoices, Work

I see many clients who have issues related to their careers and their working lives.  This is a relevant article well worth considering:


12th April 2012By Deborah SadlerSolutions, Therapy, Work

When asked what they are seeking from their therapy clients often say that what they want is another perspective on their problems, that they are looking for tools to help them.  Describing their goal in this way makes perfect sense.  This clearly stated aim shows a determination to solve the problem.  In solution-focused therapy clients … Read More

Work: Who Needs It?

1st February 2012By Deborah SadlerChoices, Relationships, Solutions, Work

Try to define what work really means to you: a greedy mistress,  a familiar ritual, a compelling game, a voracious furnace, a stimulating journey, a necessary evil? Because it can mean any of these things, and contradictory combinations of them, it is no wonder clients often find work a difficult issue to examine in therapy, … Read More