Finding Solutions to problems online in solution-focused therapy

When it comes to finding solutions there is no one-size-fits-all.  I work with clients online. Over the course of their therapy sessions with me clients are able to find solutions to their problems that are realistic, and because their solutions fit with their lives they are easier to maintain. And yes, there are solutions to anxiety, depression, phobias and relationship problems.

Finding solutions is essentially about finding a resolution to issues by making changes, be they large or small. There is no pressure to make whopping great changes that are unsustainable.  A step-by-step build – which often includes many a side or backward step – is a more realistic approach to sorting out a problem. But whatever their size they are of enormous significance in clients’ lives.

Changes take practice, but even very small changes can have a domino effect.  They set in motion different reactions around the client, at work and at home. This can be life changing.

Here’s an example of a simple change that made a big difference. One client, who wanted to save a failing relationship, began by changing the way he greeted his partner at the end of each work day – it was an important way of indicating his acknowledgement of her.  This may sound mundane but in the context of this couple relationship it was an unexpected action by him, which set in motion a chain reaction.  After a week or so, when she began to be more trustful of this change, she felt better able to respond to him more positively in general – an unexpected action from her.  As a result of this change he felt more hopeful. Other changes in their communication followed, which came from both of them, and the relationship started to get back on track. From this small, simple step.