I specialise in online solution-focused brief therapy working with couples, individuals, and families from around the world.  Counselling online enables me to see clients from many countries and to keep my fees low.

Solution-focused therapy – why clients come to my online counselling practice

Clients come to see me because they are looking for a therapy approach which helps them to actually solve the problem, rather than just talk about it.  And they don’t want the counselling to take too long.  We all live busy lives.  I am one of the increasing number of therapists working online. And one of the few who is experienced in solution-focused therapy as an undiluted approach. Therapy outcomes are generally extremely good with this approach, particularly if it is not combined with other therapies.  The only proviso is that clients have to be prepared to make some changes.  My job is to help with that.

Online Solution Focused Therapy for all!

One of the pleasures of being an online solution-focused counsellor is the diversity of people and issues I get to work with. I counsel clients from all races, cultures, religions and sexual orientation. They bring a wide range of issues to therapy, including depression, anxiety, stress, couple conflict and self- esteem. Sometimes they just want to discuss a life changing decision with a neutral person, who is not family or friend.  In fact I would be hard put to describe all the problems clients come to counselling to sort out.  I get a lot of job satisfaction from helping them move forward. There is little better than working with people who are keen to solve their problems and can use the techniques they learn in the counselling for any future problems that arise in life.