I work with many couples who come to see me at various stages of crisis in their relationship, so I found a recent blog post on relationship advice from LifeHacker to be pertinent. The problems central to this relationship failure are typical of those which couples bring to relationship counselling.

What I particularly like is that it is written by someone who has been through a divorce and learned a lot from it about what makes relationships work – and has been able to use this moving forward.  It is insightful about the part played by counselling during couple counselling and it is admirably frank and heartfelt.  

You may find the comments from readers interesting too.  I agree with one of their statements that it’s never too late to fix a relationship, providing you are willing (really willing in my experience of working with couples!) to do so.  If you want the relationship to survive and are prepared to make the changes and be persistent following setbacks (which are inevitable) you can do it.

I’ll let the post speak for itself; I hope you also find it useful.