I see many couples online whose relationship is in trouble following an affair. ¬†Often these couples are unsure if they want to continue with the relationship. They’re not sure if or how trust can be rebuilt. Those who decide to split up often need help figuring out how to end the relationship, while still co-parenting their children.

Its a good idea not to wait too long before you seek help. In this way you can avoid becoming completely entrenched in the difficulties and emotion of the situation. Because we would work in a solution-focused way I can help troubled couples find their way forward logically and rationally. And online sessions enable you to set up a solution-focused session quickly – from anywhere in the world.

Solution-focused therapy is excellent for sorting out this complex problem. It gives you the opportunity to really look at what you want and how you can best achieve it. It allows you to take a breather, from being bogged down and saturated in the difficulties. You can finally sort out any underlying issues that may have been causing long standing difficulties in your partnership.

There is life after an affair.