It’s hard to describe how overwhelming a problem can become and how insurmountable it can feel;  you believe you are so completely stuck that  it’s impossible to resolve.  I work with many people who are in that place when they come to see me.  

Clients come to see me with a range of different problems and from my experience it is clear that there is no problem –  and I really mean no problem – which cannot be resolved.   But here’s the proviso: you really have to want to resolve the problem and be prepared to do what it takes to find a solution.  And there is no therapist on earth, no matter what they may claim,  who can help you if you don’t really want to do the work on the problem; they cannot solve the problem for you, their skill lies in helping you to explore the issues in ways you may not have considered, so that you can begin to see the wood for the trees and find your way out of the forest.

Take heart though, it’s worth remembering that you have been solving problems from the time you were born – the skill is there and you are probably using it on a daily basis without even realising you’re doing so.  My job is to help you harness this again and fine-tune it to resolve the problem in hand.  It becomes easier then to apply the techniques you learn in the process to other difficulties life may throw in your path.

Don’t wait for the problem to overwhelm you, if you can, try to sort it out sooner rather than later.