Deborah Sadler
Deborah Sadler, MA, MBACP


All problems have solutions. Solution-focused brief therapy is rational, logical and an excellent, time-limited approach to helping clients solve problems.

Difficulties and crises can happen to all of us at various stages of our lives. The decision to seek counselling is a sign of strength and determination. Therapy can be positive, sometimes surprising, often empowering - solution-focused therapy is an approach which is particularly suited to making the experience of counselling worthwhile and effective.

I'm a solution-focused brief therapist, counselling online. Setting up an initial session can be quick and hassle free during which you can assess if you're comfortable working with me and the solution-focused approach, and I can assess how best to help you.

Working through a difficulty with someone who is neutral,  non-judgemental and trained to facilitate, is the quickest way to take control, find a solution and effect lasting change.

Getting the very best from your therapy and working towards your solutions requires commitment and tenacity and the will to maintain the changes and sustain the gains.

I can help you achieve this.


These are some of the many issues clients bring to their sessions with me

 difficulties in communication;  persistent arguments;  feeling stuck;  family issues;  parenting issues;  affairs;  adolescent concerns;  assertiveness;  anxiety;  depression;  stress; phobias;  intimacy;  friendships;  self-esteem;  loneliness and isolation;  lack of direction and motivation;  current crises;  suicide;  work problems;  divorce and separation;  questions of trust; gender issues;  step families;  parents and in-laws;  truancy;  sexual abuse;  bullying at all ages;  domestic violence;  infertility;  bereavement and loss;  anger;  guilt;  sexuality;  age issues;  life changes;  sexual issues; health concerns;  self harm.

There is a solution to every problem when you work logically through your options and choices.