for couples

Couples often feel stuck, arguments become repetitive and the same old issues raise their heads with monotonous frequency.  Old crises can simmer, affecting communication or stopping it altogether.  Children, life changes, questions of independence versus dependence, sex, feeling trapped, family commitments, arguments around expresssing emotion,...


for families

Working with families is great and I thoroughly enjoy these sessions too. Often individuals in families feel they are unheard, unacknowledged, trapped in certain ways of being and behaving, angry, hurt, taken for granted and sometimes just plain sad and helpless. There is no reason why families...


for individuals

Therapy offers individuals the time out to work towards finding their own solutions to a problem or problems.  It is enriching to discover that not only do seemingly entrenched problems have solutions, but also that the choices you identify as available to you to solve...


for young people

Young people often come to counselling feeling unheard, misunderstood, angry and confused.  They may be tussling with different relationships, struggling with bullying, course pressures or life choices; often they are feeling depressed, have anxiety, or are bereaved; some are refusing to go to school, or ...

Young People

The decision to seek counselling is a sign of strength and determination.

Difficulties and crises can happen to all of us at various stages of our lives. Therapy can be positive, sometimes surprising, often empowering.

Working through a difficulty with someone who is neutral,  non-judgemental and trained to facilitate, is the quickest way to take control, find a solution and effect lasting change. Getting the very best from your therapy and working towards your solutions requires commitment and tenacity and the will to maintain the changes and sustain the gains.  I can help you achieve this.

No problem is unsolvable;  there is a solution to every problem if you wish to work logically through your options and choices.

Pre-Commitment Counselling

How often have you wished you  had access to someone outside your circle of family and friends with whom you  can discuss a possibly life-changing decision you are tussling with?  Someone  neutral and objective;  someone who won’t make judgements?

Pre-Commitment Counselling

Some of the issues I deal with –

 – difficulties with communication;  persistent arguments;  feeling stuck;  family issues;  parenting issues;  affairs;  adolescent concerns;  assertiveness;  anxiety;  depression;  stress;  intimacy;  friendships;  self-esteem;  loneliness and isolation;  lack of direction and motivation;  current crises;  suicide;  work problems;  divorce and separation;  gender issues;  step families;  parents and in-laws;  truancy;  sexual abuse;  bullying at all ages;  domestic violence;  infertility;  bereavement and loss;  anger;  guilt;  sexuality;  age issues;  life changes;  sexual issues; health concerns;  self harm.

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