Anxiety and depression are two of the most common issues that clients bring to my therapy practice, to resolve. For quick and easy access to sessions they often opt to do online therapy. I specialise in solution-focused brief therapy.  (SFBT)

Some have been living with anxiety and depression for years and although they have acquired resources to cope, to some degree, it inevitably comes to the point where they feel they have to do something about it.

Many hide these problems and cope alone for long periods of time; others are deeply embarrassed, often stating that they have no obvious reason for feeling depressed or anxious: “I can’t understand it, what have I got to be depressed about?” is a common observation.  The parents of young people whom I counsel ask their teenager a similar question: “I don’t understand, what have you got to be depressed about?” especially if those young people come from well funtioning homes, have all the material comforts they could desire and are ostensibly doing well at school.

Nobody chooses to be anxious or depressed – it’s not fun – and there are good reasons why you are experiencing these difficulties.  If it goes beyond ordinary daily life anxiety and the odd grey day, then it’s worth getting it sorted out, before it gets a grip and accelerates into something which is overwhelming and inhibiting of a good quality of life.

In my experience of working with clients who have anxiety and depression, it doesn’t matter how long, how much, or how entrenched the problem is, you can take steps to change this.  And it doesn’t have to take forever.  You don’t have to be in therapy for years to gain some insights on your particular difficulties, and begin to turn things around.

If you wish to resolve your issues, you will find solution-focused brief therapy the counselling approach for you.  You don’t have to be prey to anxiety and depression, you can take control and stop these interlopers from victimising you.