Online counselling for men is an ideal way to access therapy quickly and in privacy.  Men are often wary of counselling; they want to access therapy quickly, find solutions to their difficulties and move on. They generally prefer the privacy of online therapy where they can choose the location they access it from.

I specialise in solution-focused therapy – an approach which men tend to prefer.  As with many female clients, they value the rational, logical and time-limited nature of this therapy, where they gain a perspective and insight into their difficulties during the course of making changes and solving their problems.  This is not about saturating them in emotion and feelings. Everyone experiences these at times of difficulty, and acknowledging this can be useful, but they can be an unhelpful barrier to sorting out issues. The momentum is forward, toward sorting the issues out and maintaining changes.

Men who seek online counselling with me do so for a variety of reasons: anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, work stress, family issues, drinking, grief, affairs, career difficulties, to name a few.

Bottling up problems can lead to deep unhappiness. Don’t wait to seek help. Online counselling is a simple way of sorting out the issues in the privacy of your own home, office or living room.  Should you wish to discuss solution-focussed online counselling feel free to call or email me with your queries.