Do you regard your relationship with your partner, child, sibling or parent as dysfunctional?  What have you tried to do to resolve the difficulties?   Probably many things, some of which will have been more effective than others.  Good, you’ve made a start.

As a solution focused brief therapist, I’ve worked with many clients who are looking for solutions to dysfunctional relationships.  The variety of problems are as many as the clients who have them. But then so are the solutions. If both/all parties want to find ways of resolving their issues and can trust in the therapy process, then we’re a good way there.  Often further than you may initially think.  Yes, truly!  Disposing of dysfunction, and finding a way forward doesn’t need to take forever.  I also work online during the week and on Saturday mornings, counselling clients who are seeking to resolve relationship difficulties.  You are welcome to make an enquiry.