I’m a couple counselling specialist. Using solution-focused brief therapy I help couples find a way to resolve their difficulties with solutions which make sense to them and their particular circumstances. They are able to make changes and move forward. During the couple counselling process they will become aware of how the problem arose over time. I will help them to use the many strengths and skills they already have in finding and maintaining their solutions.

Couples come to see me for many reasons: to work through the difficulties following an affair, to communicate better with each other, to improve intimacy, to understand what they are aiming for in life and sometimes to find a way of ending their partnership amicably and in the best interests of their children.

Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is an extremely effective, time limited, approach for solving problems.  It’s ideal for couple counselling. Couples don’t have the time and money to sit in therapy for years just talking and not really doing anything about the problem. Couples who really want to solve their problems, and are keen to make changes and move forward, say that it gives them new insights and perspectives on how to deal with difficulties and conflict in other areas of their lives as well, like work, colleagues, children, family life.

I work flexible hours including Saturday mornings for those who can’t manage weekdays.  Online counselling for couples is also available and may suit your timetable better. If you need further information on couple counselling call or email me with your queries – I’ll be happy to help.