Couple Counselling to improve your relationship can be a positive and rewarding experience and is worth the effort. Finding solutions and making changes, if you really want to get things right, shouldn’t take forever.  We are all busy, so brief, effective counselling is the therapy most couples are looking for when they come to see me.

Finding worthwhile and maintainable solutions to any couple problem.

You’ve probably already trying various things to put your relationship back on track. Good! But if things are still not working and communication is difficult you may need some help getting back on track – and staying there. In couple counselling you are encouraged to try something different and make some changes; couples are often surprised at how quickly things can move forward.

Effective couple counselling is Brief, collaborative and rational.

As a solution-focused therapist my belief is that good couple counselling should be a collaborative and rational process and the gains and changes you make should be sustainable.  You should leave therapy armed with a set of tools to help you resolve any future difficulties.

I also work with many couples in my online practice. The couples I see don’t always want to put they relationship right and may be seeking to end it.  Whichever path they choose they still need to resolve their communication difficulties in order to put what they want into effect. The difficulties couples come to see me with with include problems with communication, escalating rows, lack of intimacy, in-law issues, misunderstandings, wrong assumptions, stale patterns and general frustration.

Small steps lead to big changes. From my experience of working with couples it’s clear that there is no reason why difficulties can’t be sorted out logically, rationally and to each partner’s satisfaction.