Solutions counselling for couples

Affairs? Constant Rowing?  Partner problems?  If you need to find solutions to these and other couple problems I am a counsellor who is experienced in brief therapy. I work a lot with couples who see me for a variety of relationship difficulties; much of this work is done online to fit with busy schedules.

I offer weekday, evening, Saturday morning counselling. Solution focused therapy is highly effective and I use this rational, logical and non-judgemental approach to help you solve your problems and move forward in your life. I you’re willing to make changes there is no need to be in therapy forever.  I will help you find solutions that you are able to maintain and that apply directly to you and your situation.  I’ll help you to find the tools you need to do this.

Clients with partner problems find new perspectives which help them make the changes they want to make.  They may decide to work on re-establishing trust after an affair has damaged their relationship; some need help following the decision to part ways – there are as many solutions as their are problems.  And often there are children to consider.  But every problem is fixable if you’re willing to try – it may not be fixed in the way your family or friends suggest you should fix it, it will be fixed in the way you want it to be and that is right for you.

It may be comforting also to know that therapy doesn’t have to be an unhappy, embarrassing, problem saturated experience.  It can be liberating to work with a non-judgemental therapist where the emphasis is on mutual effort and expertise to get the problem sorted.

Online counselling allows for quicker and easier entry into booking sessions.  If you’re working from home you can access counselling during hours that fit your schedule and around family commitments.