Online Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

I offer telephone and video counselling (skype video or call) as well as email or chat.  These forms of e-therapy work well if you are unable or don’t wish to do face-to-face counselling.

Clients who use this service do so for a variety of reasons:  

  • it’s cheaper
  • for geographical reasons (I counsel people from both the UK and abroad)
  • flexibility – because heavy work schedules and busy lives make attending therapy at particular venues and times difficult
  • because of illness or disability
  • they have small children and don’t want the inconvenience of finding a baby sitter.

I work with many students whose university counselling service is oversubscribed;  this is an ideal way for students to access counselling quickly and affordably.

These are some other reasons why online therapy is preferred by clients:

  • they like the anonymity and feel saferONLINE THERAPY
  • they feel their anonymity enhances confidentiality
  • they find it easier to discuss difficult issues if they can’t be seen, or can’t see the therapist
  • they feel more in control of the therapy (although in SFBT  the client is more in control of the direction of the therapy in any case)
  • they feel they can get down to issues that matter much more quickly

However, this type of counselling does not work well with couples.

You can choose whatever format of e-therapy suits you:  email, chat, video or call.  Please call or email me should you wish to discuss this option and for information on how it works and we can get started as soon as you wish.