Depression and exercise. What’s your view?

13th June 2012By Deborah

You may have picked up on the recent debates in the press on depression and the efficacy of exercise as a cure.  If you suffer from depression this could well have piqued your interest (or ire!).  Findings cited in a research article published in the BMJ and widely reported in the press on the beneficial … Read More

About Depression

8th May 2012By Deborah

Signs and Symptoms There is no question that depression is extremely debilitating and has many symptoms : fatigue, lack of motivation, a deep despair, lack of confidence and self-esteem,  anger, inability to sleep, suicidal thoughts (or attempts), forgetfulness, overwork and hyper-activity  – the list is endless.  Depression can strike at any time in our lives … Read More

It’s SO Embarrassing – Reflections on attending Therapy

12th March 2012By Deborah

Some clients are embarrassed and ashamed about coming to therapy.  They have described their need to seek therapy variously as “weak”, “self-indulgent” or “insane”! Invariably clients come to therapy when they are in crisis or at an impasse in their lives; sometimes they feel ‘co-erced’ into coming by a parent, partner, or agency.  Many are … Read More