How to improve your memory

11th December 2017By Deborah

When writing on your hand or accessing your smartphone isn’t possible here are some Simple Ways to Be Better at Remembering  

Affairs – Couples Counselling in East London

11th September 2017By Deborah

I see many couples at my practice in East London whose relationship is in trouble following an affair.  Often these couples are unsure if they want to continue with the relationship, are unable to see how it would be possible to rebuild trust if they did want the relationship to continue, or can’t figure out … Read More

Taking the long view

26th June 2017By Deborah

Taking the long view is ultimately better for mental health as ‘We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment’.  This excellent article by Martin Seligman and John Tierney argues that we are not prisoners of the present and the past because we are able to  imagine and shape our futures.  In doing so we can … Read More

Rejection is Helpful

28th March 2017By Deborah

Viewing rejection as helpful is not a perspective that readily springs to mind.  This article, which was on the opinion page of the Guardian a year ago, is worth a read.  It concludes with the statement: “A rejection doesn’t mean you failed. It means you tried. Try again“.

Take the plunge

14th December 2016By Deborah

Take the plunge, make the big change, say no to the status quo-a new year is about to begin! Fear breeds inertia, whereas taking risks will boost your confidence and forward momentum, Oliver Burkeman says.   To all my clients: Have a happy Christmas and I wish you all a fulfilling and enjoyable new year.  

East London Counsellor

23rd June 2016By Deborah

I am an east London Counsellor offering solution-focused brief therapy to individuals, couples and families.  Counselling in east London enables me to see clients from an extensive area of London and to keep my fees low.  My east  London therapy practice is based close to the tube. It is a 20 minute tube journey to Liverpool … Read More

Work-Life Balance

4th August 2014By Deborah

Work-life balance is a frequent topic of concern raised by clients in therapy sessions.  This is an excellent article which asks if the work-life balance is a myth.  It puts forward a different way of considering the subject.    

Debunking 20 common misconceptions about sex

19th July 2014By Deborah

Much of therapy is about questioning accepted ‘wisdom’, myths, stereotypes, labels and assumptions, all of  which can lead to misunderstanding and make communication between people difficult and stressful. This video clip is fun to watch, is presented pleasantly and professionally and although it’s ultimate aim is to sell Dr Carroll’s book, it is useful to get at least some … Read More

Can Therapy Be Destructive?

7th May 2014By Deborah

The short answer to this question is that, under certain circumstances, yes it can . It’s worth bearing the following in mind if you don’t want to come out of therapy with more problems than you had at the start: Any interpretations, analyses and opinions are, ultimately, simply the view of the therapist; this is … Read More

The Question Why

31st January 2014By Deborah

When enquiring about solution-focused therapy some prospective clients worry that this approach will exclude them from understanding why their problems have arisen. Answers to the question why are better left to emerge indirectly, during the quest for solutions, as they then feel less overwhelming and uncontrollable.  During solution focused counselling, a skilled SFBT practitioner will ask … Read More