Are you really having an affair?

30th May 2018By Deborah

Micro-cheating is the latest word to describe infidelity and poses the question: are you really having an affair?  And if you’re not really having an affair, is your behaviour such that it is leading up to one? As a relationship therapist a large proportion of my work is helping clients deal with the, often destructive, … Read More

Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Depression

8th July 2015By Deborah

One of my specialisms is helping clients who have anxiety. Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and depression often work hand in glove. These are sometimes set off by a current life event or can be more long term with no obvious reason for their onset. When anxiety starts to affect life negatively and goes beyond the ordinary … Read More

Exercise as a Prescription for Depression

3rd November 2014By Deborah

Who would have thought of exercise as a prescription for depression?  Here’s the link to an article which shows clear, scientific evidence that exercise helps to alter mood and can act as an anti-depressant.  It recognises that further studies are needed to develop the research, but nevertheless offers some hope to those coping with depression, who often feel that they are … Read More

How to measure where you’re at and where you want to be

3rd July 2013By Deborah

During solution-focused therapy we use simple tools to measure the extent of a problem or difficulty. This scaling of an issue  is useful because a) both the therapist and the client gain an understanding of how things stand, and b) it gives everyone in the room some assurance that they’re communicating well and singing off … Read More

Instances and Exceptions: the times when problems are not so influential

2nd July 2012By Deborah

We argue all the time.  I’m constantly angry.  He never talks.  She always criticises.  I’m always depressed/anxious/stressed.  She/he never contributes.  Our lives are always chaotic.  We have never been happy and contented.  I can’t ever trust him/her again. These are problem statements which come up regularly in therapy.  They are statements which many of us use … Read More

Depression and exercise. What’s your view?

13th June 2012By Deborah

You may have picked up on the recent debates in the press on depression and the efficacy of exercise as a cure.  If you suffer from depression this could well have piqued your interest (or ire!).  Findings cited in a research article published in the BMJ and widely reported in the press on the beneficial … Read More

About Depression

8th May 2012By Deborah

Signs and Symptoms There is no question that depression is extremely debilitating and has many symptoms : fatigue, lack of motivation, a deep despair, lack of confidence and self-esteem,  anger, inability to sleep, suicidal thoughts (or attempts), forgetfulness, overwork and hyper-activity  – the list is endless.  Depression can strike at any time in our lives … Read More