What if I fail?

10th March 2016By Deborah

The only real answer is that we need to cultivate wisdom and to do that, we need to make space for quiet study. That, anyway, was the view of Aristotle. The Guardian contemplates the question many people put to Google:  “What if I fail?“

Don’t Break the Chain

8th January 2015By Deborah

Happy new year. I thought you may be interested in this idea of inch by inch progress.  It was advice given by Jerry Seinfeld to a comic who was asking for tips on how to make it in the industry.  I was struck by how well it fits with the solution-focused approach to life, which encourages … Read More

Work-Life Balance

4th August 2014By Deborah

Work-life balance is a frequent topic of concern raised by clients in therapy sessions.  This is an excellent article which asks if the work-life balance is a myth.  It puts forward a different way of considering the subject.    

How the brain responds to pain

7th July 2014By Deborah

This clear and simple video clip on how the brain responds to pain is for those clients who cope with chronic pain on a daily basis. My posting on this subject is prompted by one of my clients who set out to discover as much as he could about managing chronic pain.  After feeling largely frustrated … Read More

Techniques for Learning

27th May 2014By Deborah

It’s exam time for many of my clients – students both young and old.  They may find this article on how to learn, useful. http://bigthink.com/neurobonkers/assessing-the-evidence-for-the-one-thing-you-never-get-taught-in-school-how-to-learn Good luck with exams and happy summer holidays to follow.

Slacking online can be productive

6th December 2013By Deborah

Productivity, slacking, leisure and work are subjects which frequently crop up in therapy in a number of contexts.  They are often accompanied by large dollops of guilt and cries of too much?  too little? obsessive? not enough? To the variously afflicted – particularly those whose work involves sitting in front of a computer –  this … Read More


6th September 2013By Deborah

I see many clients who have issues related to their careers and their working lives.  This is a relevant article well worth considering:   http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/08/build_a_career_worth_having.html

Social Media: a Pressure Free Holiday?

30th July 2013By Deborah

It’s summer holiday time.   Many of us have booked time off.   We’re hoping the pressure will be off for a while.  A time to enjoy and re-energise the batteries… Ah, but according to some of my clients, here’s the rub:  we now have to decide who goes on holiday with us: mobile, laptop, … Read More

Relationship Advice

8th May 2013By Deborah

I work with many couples who come to see me at various stages of crisis in their relationship, so I found a recent blog post on relationship advice from LifeHacker to be pertinent. The problems central to this relationship failure are typical of those which couples bring to relationship counselling. What I particularly like is … Read More


11th January 2013By Deborah

The main reason, ultimately, for engaging in counselling is to make changes, either to your perspective or changes in patterns of behaviour and interactions with others.  Insight into why you are having difficulties and the opportunity to talk things through can be a useful part of the process and can lead to ideas about what … Read More