Take the plunge

14th December 2016By Deborah SadlerTherapy

Take the plunge, make the big change, say no to the status quo-a new year is about to begin! Fear breeds inertia, whereas taking risks will boost your confidence and forward momentum, Oliver Burkeman says.   To all my clients: Have a happy Christmas and I wish you all a fulfilling and enjoyable new year.  

East London Counsellor

23rd June 2016By Deborah SadlerEast London Counselling, Solutions, Therapy

I am an east London Counsellor offering solution-focused brief therapy to individuals, couples and families.  Counselling in east London enables me to see clients from an extensive area of London and to keep my fees low.  My east  London therapy practice is based close to the tube. It is a 20 minute tube journey to Liverpool … Read More

How to keep your brain younger

23rd May 2016By Deborah SadlerSolutions

It seems there’s no way out of it – exercise is good for your brain too. I posted some time back about a study concerning the beneficial effects of exercise on depression.  And here, it seems, is another benefit: the brains of elderly people who exercise look 10 years younger. For the elderly it’s encouraging to know that you … Read More

Unloading Thoughts and Ideas

12th April 2016By Deborah SadlerSolutions

Have look at this link – it suggests a useful route towards capturing your thoughts and ideas; having unloaded them onto paper where you can see them, you are better able to assess them later.  You never know you could be missing some gems!

What if I fail?

10th March 2016By Deborah SadlerChoices

The only real answer is that we need to cultivate wisdom and to do that, we need to make space for quiet study. That, anyway, was the view of Aristotle. The Guardian contemplates the question many people put to Google:  “What if I fail?“