Three Good Things

9th November 2015By Deborah

This article explains how focussing on 3 positive things that happened at work that day can be helpful and therapeutic.  It doesn’t advocate relentless cheerfulness or positivity -acknowledging that negative things also happen at work each day – but suggests that always focussing on the negative need not be our first response and can have a powerful effect.  T0 think … Read More

Mistakes are Good

6th August 2015By Deborah

Mistakes are good: —

Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Depression

8th July 2015By Deborah

One of my specialisms is helping clients who have anxiety, some with accompanying phobias, panic attacks and depression. These are sometimes set off by a current life event or can be more long term with no obvious reason for their onset. When anxiety starts to affect life negatively and goes beyond the ordinary life anxieties most … Read More

Tips for effective studying

2nd March 2015By Deborah

This post is for students, old and young.  Hope is at hand!  Here is a link to some excellent tips on how to study less by studying effectively  –  and retaining more information as a consequence. Some who have used these tips report a noticeable increase in grades and more enjoyment of both their studying and their time generally at … Read More

Give Your Brain a Workout

2nd February 2015By Deborah

Apparently learning to play an instrument is good for your brain. According to the linked article learning to play an instrument improves attention to detail, enables better memory, and aids the building of strategic skills, amongst other benefits. Many of my clients (both young and old) wish to expand their lives and find ways of meeting other people, … Read More

Don’t Break the Chain

8th January 2015By Deborah

Happy new year. I thought you may be interested in this idea of inch by inch progress.  It was advice given by Jerry Seinfeld to a comic who was asking for tips on how to make it in the industry.  I was struck by how well it fits with the solution-focused approach to life, which encourages … Read More