Slacking online can be productive

6th December 2013By Deborah Sadler

Did you know that slacking online can be productive? How great is that? Productivity, slacking, leisure and work are subjects which frequently crop up in therapy in a number of contexts.  They are often accompanied by large dollops of guilt and cries of too much?  too little? obsessive? not enough? To the variously afflicted – … Read More

Time Organisation for Stress-free Productivity

2nd October 2013By Deborah Sadler

Many of my clients are struggling to fit in all their commitments and still find time to enjoy partners, family, friends and leisure pursuits.  Since I’ve found it helpful myself I can highly recommend this book, which comes in paperback and kindle format.   It’s easy to adapt the central ideas to your particular situation: … Read More


6th September 2013By Deborah Sadler

I see many clients who have issues related to their careers and their working lives.  This is a relevant article well worth considering:

Social Media: a Pressure Free Holiday?

30th July 2013By Deborah Sadler

It’s summer holiday time.   Many of us have booked time off.   We’re hoping the pressure will be off for a while.  A pressure free holiday is on the cards – time to enjoy and re-energise the batteries… Ah, but according to some of my clients, here’s the rub:  we now have to decide … Read More

How to measure where you’re at and where you want to be

3rd July 2013By Deborah Sadler

During solution-focused therapy we use simple tools to measure the extent of a problem or difficulty. This scaling of an issue  is useful because a) both the therapist and the client gain an understanding of how things stand, and b) it gives everyone in the room some assurance that they’re communicating well and singing off … Read More

Student Counselling – Online

5th June 2013By Deborah Sadler

For some time I have been following various research studies on student counselling at universities.  This latest one comes from a study done by the National Union of Students (NUS).  It interests me because, despite being a limited study, the points it raises are fairly typical of student counselling services and the comments from readers are also … Read More

Relationship Advice

8th May 2013By Deborah Sadler

I work with many couples who come to see me at various stages of crisis in their relationship, so I found a recent blog post on relationship advice from LifeHacker to be pertinent. The problems central to this relationship failure are typical of those which couples bring to relationship counselling. What I particularly like is … Read More

Saving your Relationship – Masters and Disasters

4th April 2013By Deborah Sadler

Dr John Gottman has studied couples for over thirty years and has used his research to  evolve a particular method of working with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.  You may wish to view this clip, which identifies some of the essential elements which make couple relationships work.    This was an out-take of … Read More


8th March 2013By Deborah Sadler

The routines of daily life and the attendant stresses and strains often result in couples losing contact.  They believe they know all there is to know about one another and simply stop listening and talking to each other; intimacy dwindles away.   Intimacy, which is aided by good communication, can be created in simple ways. … Read More